At Hunt and Gather we believe in giving back where we can and love what the guys at Red Dust are doing with remote Indigenous communities. We reckon it's really important work and that's why we've partnered with Red Dust to provide a portion of proceeds from the sale of Hunt and Gather skincare products to their health and well-being programs. 

'Red Dust inspires positive change in remote Indigenous communities through a unique ‘community-as-family’ model of health and well-being programs. For over twenty years we have walked alongside community leaders and elders to create a stronger future for youth and their families. We draw on the strengths of both western health knowledge and traditional cultural knowledge that influence young people in community. Our positive role models and engaging, high impact programs help build resilience in young people and inspire them to identify and pursue their dreams. We also work together with Australians more broadly to help build cross-cultural competency through tailored cultural training, community immersion experiences and volunteering opportunities.'