Looking after inside and out

We've all been through the wringer the past 18 months. In and out of lockdowns, in and out of routine and juggling more than ever. Most of us are feeling a little more tired, that little bit older and searching for a bit of self-care.

We’re modern men and while we might not always admit it, taking time out to recharge and reset feels really good. And something we know we should do more. 

We caught up with Carl Nelms, director of Blokes Psychology – a Melbourne-based psychology clinic dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of boys & men – about self-care and why it’s a no brainer.

What does self-care really mean?

“ Being proactive with your health, both mental and physical. Making time to attend to the various aspects of wellbeing. This may mean nutrition, exercise, socialising, therapy or even just having some ‘me’ time, to engage in that hobby you enjoy, read that book or take a long hot bath.

For some blokes it helps to think of self-care, just like we do with our cars. If you don’t service your car regularly and take care of it, then it’s only a matter of time before it will breakdown and you’ll be forced to attend to it.”

What are the benefits of self-care?

“Self-care is everything. It reduces our overall stress, which has a huge flow on effect on reducing risk of physical illnesses and ailments, in addition to being better able to manage whatever life throws at you and being less likely to develop mental health issues. 

Good self-care is also a critical ingredient to happiness, as the better headspace we’re in, the more connected we’re likely to feel to those around us and the things we engage in daily!”

How can we all adopt a bit more self-care in our daily routine? 

“First ask yourself what you do for self-care right now. If the answer is nothing - ask yourself what you’d do if you had a day off with no responsibilities.

Now make the time at least every few weeks to engage in this activity or routine for you. Gradually you can increase the frequency until it becomes a daily habit.

Everyone should make some ‘me’ time for themselves each day, even if only for 10 minutes!” 

To find out more about Blokes Psychology, visit https://blokespsychology.com.au/