Birth of Hunt and Gather

The idea for an Aussie men’s skincare range came to me when living and working in London a while ago (as most Aussies do).

My girlfriend at the time was into Aussie botanicals and I remember her telling me how good they were for all sorts of stuff. She also told me that men were dummies and they should be taking as much care of their skin as women did.

This got me thinking, so I did a bit of digging around and discovered that Aussie botanicals were chock full of fantastic naturally occurring goodness for our skin. I also realised that men really didn’t give a crap about skincare but maybe we should.

So, I put the 2 together and Hunt and Gather was born. Well, it wasn’t that easy and took a few years to get it right but I’ve come up with a tight little range that has most of your immediate skincare needs covered. This should help us catch up and keep up with Aussie women.

Hunt and Gather - Aussie protect your skin!

Peter C. H&G Guy